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about level photo

& vinh lê

I graduated with a degree in Environmental Design from OCAD U and won the interior architecture award in 2016. During my post-secondary education, I became a creative designer as part of a marketing team where I created visual assets of landscape architectural spaces while finishing up my thesis that retrofitted a school into an Intergenerational Community Centres for Seniors.


My passion for design is endless as it can be translated in so many ways. I never thought I would become an architectural / interior photographer until I realized how much I enjoyed the process of documenting and sharing the stories of a designer’s true intention of the space.


Instead of jumping into photography, my partner Luca Campacci and I launched our own interior design firm, Level Studio Inc.,
where our mission is to create unique, functional interiors and draw inspiration from our client’s story to design their space with an exciting and enjoyable process while being environmentally responsible. It was soon after documenting Level Studio’s work that we wanted to take architectural / interior photography to a new level.


As a student, I joined the environmental journalism network by submitting photos in a “Young Reporter for the Environment” (YRE) competition about solving environmental issues in Toronto. I ended up winning 1st place and it provided me a DSLR camera where my passion for photojournalism took off. I am now an active sustainable advocate with the YRE supported by FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) and UNESCO programs to educate, promote and protect our world.


My philosophy about art – no matter the medium – is that we all have our own perspective. One thing may look different to another person, and I respect that. In photography, I respect mother nature, and my process uses natural lighting as my main source of light and to compliment it with beautiful composition.


When I am not shooting for my clients, I am either working closely with Luca on interior design projects at Level Studio or learning the latest photography techniques to push my skills as an environmental photographer. Ever year I ensure I give back to the creative industry by mentoring students who are building their portfolios within the art/design field and providing photography seminars to students who are interested in becoming environmental journalists.
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